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Visitor experience diagnosis

When visitors arrive at your online store they may find small bumps on their way to completing a purchase. Studies show that after just a few seconds of confusion, people leave a website, never to return.

Unless every part of your store has been carefully designed for an impeccable user experience, chances are you could be converting more visitors into buyers.

The visitor experience diagnosis will give you an unbiased assessment of the friction points on your website that cause your visitors not to convert. You will receive a customized report with the top rough spots on your store that need attention, plus a custom video diagnosis that will show you exactly what needs to be changed in your store to make you visitors more likely to buy.

Armed with this list, you will be able to fix these rough spots in your store and make it effortless for people to go from visitor to buyer.

This service is recommended for stores with healthy traffic but a low conversion rate. Especially recommended for store owners who are already buying ads or planning to do so.

This is an excellent choice if you are not sure where to begin improving your online store

This service is also available in Spanish

Email marketing

You use email every day and so do your customers. Email has been proven again and again to be one of the best ways to grow your business.

When you buy from established online stores, you automatically get a thank you email immediately. Later, you will also get special offers and suggestions of other products you may be interested in. If you add something to your cart and leave without buying, savvy stores will also email you and ask you to come back.

All these emails that have the potential to increase your revenue significantly and, once I configure them for you, they will keep running automatically. You will keep reaping the rewards month after month.

2017 Holiday email marketing plan

If you don't yet have a good email marketing plan for this coming holiday season, you're not alone. Many store owners put it off until the last moment because they feel overwhelmed, but by the time they finally decide to act, it's too late and the sales never come.

Don't let that happen to you!

These services are also available in Spanish

Marketing services

Facebook Ad management

Facebook ads can be a fantastic way to boost your revenue. I will configure a turn-key campaign to target your customers at the right time, with the right offer so that they are more likely to buy from you and not your competition.

This service is recommended for stores with a good conversion rate that are ready to start growing their sales. If your current conversion rate is too low, you should look at visitor experience diagnosis first.

This service is also available in Spanish

Automated email integration, supreme level 

If you already have the basic email integration in place (abandoned cart recovery and others, see automated email integration above), you are ready to start playing in the big leagues.

Make your brand stand out with educational material for your customers delivered straight to their inbox. Make yourself the absolute #1 go-to resource for your niche, all thanks to the power of email.

When your customers receive valuable content frequently, their trust levels will increase and so will their brand recognition, intent to purchase and brand loyalty. Once you your customers become brand advocates, the sky is the limit.

The best part of all is that everything will run automatically. I'll set up the right email campaigns for you and they will continue to run month after month, impacting past and new customers and increasing their brand loyalty

This service is especially recommended for businesses with a high customer lifetime value, where customers are likely to purchase multiple times and/or for items with good profit margins.

This service is also available in Spanish

Web, mobile and Shopify app development and management

Custom Shopify app development

If no existing app is exactly right for your business, I can develop a custom-built solution for you. Learn more about custom app development.

This service is also available in Spanish

Software project salvation

Is your software project late, over budget and with no end in sight? 

Your investment may be at risk - learn more about software project salvation.

This service is also available in Spanish