On-demand guidance for software development projects applied to business growth

Get 10+ years of experience on your side

The right vision, together with the right architecture has the potential to create success. No matter how grandiose or crystal-clear the vision, if your systems are not designed the right way from the beginning, you will suffer downtime, be unable to service even a modest number of users or paint yourself into a corner and be forced to undertake costly rewrites to meet new business needs.

Fortune 10 enterprises may have the luxury of learning the hard way and cancelling multi-million dollar projects halfway through (although that is still wasteful and can be avoided in most cases). Projects live or die by the early decisions and how those shape their future. If those decisions are not correct from the start, your project will suffer as a result.

Are you responsive to your user’s actual and perceived needs? Will your systems break down when you add more users? Are you making the right tradeoffs between reliability, flexibility and time to market? My On-Demand consulting engagement will give you peace of mind and access to the technical expertise you need, when you need it.

See what other satisfied clients have to say about my work (unedited testimonials, references available on request):

For 5 years Javier Molina has been our Superman! His leadership, vast knowledge, expertise, attention to detail and rapid response are unparalleled. Looking for the Best? You found him.

Javier’s work and professionalism were excellent. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Several projects, I had an idea in mind and after discussing the project with him he had a better way to accomplish the goal and get the project completed

Javier has proven reliable, dedicated and inventive. A true pro who we hope to have the pleasure of working with again and again

How does it work?

Our agreement entitles you to unlimited access to me via phone, Skype and email. I return all messages no later than the next business day, although in practice response time is much quicker (in particular, during business hours, but also nights and weekends).

Meetings are scheduled in advance, typically take place over Skype and are sometimes supplemented with screen sharing software (e.g.: GoToMeeeting, Skype’s integrated screen sharing).

There are several possible areas of involvement:

  1. Participation in an initial in-depth meeting to define immediate and long-term business goals and organizational challenges
  2. Team vetting, interviewing candidates and selecting the most appropriate people at each stage of the company
  3. System design. Define your high level infrastructure and application design
  4. Project management. Make sure your team is on track to deliver the needed functionality and be notified of their progress and any blocking issues that might appear on the way
  5. Technical review of source code, documentation, platforms, tools, etc. Where appropriate, I will provide code samples and proof-of-concept examples to overcome any roadblocks. Please note that authoring shipping code or documentation is not included in this agreement.
  6. Respond to other needs that arise that you consider require my assistance, which are not covered elsewhere

Look at this quote from a client I have worked with for several years:

Re: [company won an Award of Excellence in the software field]

Javier Molina

Hacker, Troubleshooter, Software Engineer Extraordinaire

We would like to thank you for your contributions that made this Award possible:

  • You solved critical issues for our clients especially around [product].
  • You helped establish a reputation for technical competence in every project that you were involved with.
  • You have given us the confidence to take on challenging projects – programming languages and environments do not matter to you.
  • You architected, designed and developed the mobile component of [product].

Please accept [monetary amount] as a small token of our appreciation. We look forward to your continued support to take our company to the next level.

Availability is limited but you will have the option to be added to the waiting list if a spot is not immediately available.