Grow your business

Things have to be done right the first time.

Every time an employee has to go searching for a misplaced order form is time not spent on servicing customers or moving product out the door. If the handwriting in a worksheet is indecipherable, now it is two people wasting their time, one asking what it says on the paper and the other trying to remember what they wrote.

Manual processes are prone to error. Paper-based processes are prone to error. Both waste untold amounts of time and productivity that could have been applied to growing your business.

What would it mean for your business if your employees woke up one day and their error rate had suddenly decreased by 95%?

What would happen if you could service 30%, 40% even 100% more customers with the same resources you have today?

Web and mobile applications can do that and more for you.

See what other satisfied clients have to say about my work (unedited testimonials, references available on request):

For 5 years Javier Molina has been our Superman! His leadership, vast knowledge, expertise, attention to detail and rapid response are unparalleled. Looking for the Best? You found him.

Javier’s work and professionalism were excellent. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Several projects, I had an idea in mind and after discussing the project with him he had a better way to accomplish the goal and get the project completed

Javier has proven reliable, dedicated and inventive. A true pro who we hope to have the pleasure of working with again and again

When you invest in systems that streamline your business processes, it’s like giving everyone in your business a new superpower, an efficiency boost that compounds over time and helps you grow and expand. Your business becomes a powerhouse of productivity that can scale much higher and faster than ever before. Things get done right the first time.

Look at this quote from a client I have worked with for several years:

Re: [company won an Award of Excellence in the software field]

Javier Molina

Hacker, Troubleshooter, Software Engineer Extraordinaire

We would like to thank you for your contributions that made this Award possible:

  • You solved critical issues for our clients especially around [product].
  • You helped establish a reputation for technical competence in every project that you were involved with.
  • You have given us the confidence to take on challenging projects – programming languages and environments do not matter to you.
  • You architected, designed and developed the mobile component of [product].

Please accept [monetary amount] as a small token of our appreciation. We look forward to your continued support to take our company to the next level.

What processes are there in your business that could be made more efficient (and therefore make your business more profitable) if only you had the right tools?

Let’s talk.